The duties and responsibilities of the best man

It is a great honor to be asked to become the best man at the wedding of your brother or best friend.

It just shows how much the groom trusts you, so you need to know what you are doing to make your boy proud. When you receive this honor, it means that you must fulfill certain duties and responsibilities of the best man.

So what are the duties and responsibilities to be the best man? Here’s a quick rundown of the things you need to do before, during and after the wedding.

Before the wedding

Plan the bachelor party. This is probably the biggest responsibility you have as a witness. Just do not go overboard while partying or you might end up like the guys in “The Hangover”.

Get fit for a tuxedo. Earlier, it was common for the groom to pay the rent or purchase of the tuxedos or suits of his environment. Nowadays you will often find that you become “Dutch” with the suit hire. But whether you pay for your tux or not, you are expected to be there for the customization.

Participate in the wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The wedding rehearsal usually takes place the day before the wedding, and you, as a best man, are expected to be on time, as they will not be able to start without you. You are also expected to attend the rehearsal dinner, which takes place immediately after the rehearsal.

During the wedding

Come in with the groom. Although the rules for the wedding processions usually depend on the religion, customs, and manner of the couple’s wedding, the best man often steps in front of the groom.

Hold the groom’s wedding ring tight. You have to keep the groom’s ring safe and sound. It will be such a fiasco if you ever lose it. You must also keep it where you know you can fish it out immediately if the person doing the ceremony asks for it.

After the wedding

It’s your job to give the usual groomsman toast. To give a toast to the groom to a touching and sometimes humorous groomsman is one of the traditional tasks of being the groomsmen. Mostly it’s about revoking some funny memories that share you and the groom while welcoming the bride into your life.

This will probably be one of the most important speeches you will ever make in your life. So you have to prepare it in advance, maybe you want to practice it a bit in front of the mirror.

You can try to make a spontaneous speech and think of your speech on the spot. You can end up saying some things that you’ll regret later. Remember that you are likely to be in front of the camera and any mistakes you make can always be used by your guys against you.

Pimp out the car bride and groom escape. It is common for the best man and the other groomsmen to sneak out during the reception and “decorate” the getaway car of the bridal couple. The best way to do that is to make the decoration a bit embarrassing and not to damage the car in any way. Tightening a few cans on the back bumper of the car is the classic way, or you could also try stuffing the inside with balloons, writing embarrassing messages to the windows with washable paint, use your imagination!

You should now be ready to be the best “best man” your groom may possibly ask for. Do not be unprepared. Remember, it’s your turn, and if you do a shitty job here, you might one day stand at the altar “best without a husband.”

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