Wetsuits for women: solve the riddle of body shape

Selection of combinations and adjustment for different types of women’s bodies.

If you are a swimmer, a freelancer or a surfer, you know that it is difficult to find women’s suits with the most desirable characteristics. But also consider the different torso shapes in your design.

Shape and heat almost always take first place in this list of key features. The heat will depend on the materials used, its fold and certain design features, such as a design that does not allow easy water intrusion.

The fit, on the other hand, is more difficult for most women who want to buy a wetsuit. Surfers, divers and experienced swimmers have learned, by trial and error, as well as word of mouth, the type of combination that best suits their morphology. Newcomers to these sports can answer as many questions as they have found answers when selecting a wetsuit.

To facilitate identification, we will focus on three basic body shapes.

What is the best combination for you?


Hourglass-shaped women are lucky to find their place in almost any combination designed for women. An additional benefit is that they won’t have to be smart to find a diving suit that suits their needs.


Pear-shaped women have a harder time finding a tight combination because their bodies are not so proportionate. The combination will look good on the lower part of the torso but will begin to yield over the belly area. Fortunately, there are manufacturers who design and manufacture women’s suits with a pear-shaped torso.

O’Neill Wetsuits is one of the best manufacturers of women’s suits. These combinations are extensible and will adapt to most body shapes. O’Neill suits have more than 50 years of experience in the field of suits and are also designed for apple, triangular or tube-shaped torsos. You can’t go wrong buying an O’Neill diving suit for women

Tall women

If you are tall, you probably already know how difficult it is to find clothes designed for tall women. The lengths of the arms and the pants are almost always too short. The situation is even worse for tall women looking for a suitable combination. Fortunately, tall women and those with hourglass torsos are not so separated to find the right fit.

Most of the combinations that work for the hourglass torso should also work for the tall woman. O’Neill Wetsuits, a highly respected manufacturer, manufactures the D Lux costume for women, as well as other styles and styles. Fortunately, the size will not prevent the tall woman from finding a diving suit that fits her and also offers high-quality design and style.

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