The clothes must match!

We live in a time when large clothing (intentional or not) is the norm.

Obviously, 3XL size shirts and loose jerseys in a 5’10 “and 139 pounds frame are unacceptable, but it is much more than that, I would like to take a moment to point out the worst element in the man dressed guard, the one you couldn’t wait: Oxford blouse.

Yes, the button at the bottom. The dress shirt. This formal thing that arises when something special happens. Most men have one and it comes in two colors: white and white with a food stain. We can solve these problems later, but let’s make sure everything is fine!

To start, do not buy a font size. Your Oxford shirt should have a size around the neck and sleeve. A quick tape around the center of your neck will handle the first part quite easily. If you can hold the fist between the neck and the upper button when it is buttoned, it is too large. However, you should be able to slide your index finger to the previous location.

Don’t stress the length of the sleeves too much.

and I think that was for an NBA player. The next step is to discover what to do with all this fabric that comes out when you finally listen to your important interlocutor and keep your shirt. Check the label /bag/screen somewhere to make sure it is “tight” or “tight.” This is not an exclusive cut for these lean in magazines. Regardless of weight, this cut will significantly reduce the number of shirts that run out periodically.

The only other solution is a shirt. Unless you are in the army or a police officer, you probably have no idea what I am talking about. This is an elastic band that connects to the bottom of the shirt and the top of the stocking or the caliper under the heel, forcing the shirt to stay tight and in. It is not the most comfortable thing in the world, but it works. Either way, get your shirt in the right size the first time, and you’ll have much less of that problem to deal with.

Then, measure your neck, measure the length of your sleeve, go out and buy an oxford shirt that fits you … maybe two. One blank, to replace the first blank, with the food stain.

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