The golf experience and your health

Game of health, fitness, and golf.

Health and fitness have become key considerations for many people and golfers are catching up. The tendency to drive golf cars has deprived many of the valuable exercises that can be easily achieved through the game of golf. Golf courses have encouraged the use of golf carts as a means to ensure proper use of the golf course and at the same time inadvertently help the aging aspects and health problems of people’s lives.

The Canadian golf experience has progressed much faster than the US experience, mainly due to weather conditions. The intense heat that prevails in the southern United States for much of the year has favored the use of trolleys without taking into account health problems. In Canada, golfers have begun moving away from strollers to easy-to-use remote-controlled manual and electric caddies. These incredible machines allow golfers to walk the course, use their muscle groups and do cardiovascular exercises at the same time. Even in very hot weather, walking through the open spaces of a golf course, often with refreshing breezes, is a pleasant and beneficial experience for your health. As new technologies have significantly reduced the weight of shopping carts, it is easy to bring soft drinks, snacks, etc.

Walking and transportation clubs, while having benefits, are often an exhausting exercise that many golfers simply can not do. The ability to use a riding cart makes these people able to play golf, even though they have lost some important benefits in doing so.


Many websites offer 3 models of assembled caddies available in Nova Scotia, Canada, which have proven to be reliable, well built and moderately priced. The smaller caddy, a 150-watt single-speed rheostat-controlled motor, and a fast-unscrewing wheeled cart will easily support medium-weight bags, sticks, and accessories, the 180-watt single-engined cart, a more versatile construction. , heavier and able to support more weight and two 200-watt motors, remote control trolley, front, left-right, emergency stop, distance, front-wheel alignment is the best trolley available for all golfers. All have high-quality electronic components, a 2-year parts warranty via quick bags, easy to fold and carry.

The remote dolly with its fourth pendulum allows golfers to head for their ball, select a stick, and then send it around sandpits, on mounds, around ponds, to the next tee or, where appropriate, without discomfort or discomfort… Caddies are silent and discreet and advance like little robots following the instructions of the teachers.

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