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We finally understood that nothing would be profitable unless you are in good health.

We must understand that health and fitness are not just for the body! Health is the complete physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being!

Determined people can find the time and means to enjoy their obsession, no matter where they are. Therefore, if you are determined to follow a regular health and fitness regime, you can control it even at work, to have a healthy and fit body; travel respecting deadlines or even vacations (health and fitness do not need vacations)

You can achieve your goal of having a regular health and fitness plan in different ways, even while you are at work. Enter your car, cabins, vending machines, canteen, nearest vending machine, etc. Everything you do during the day burns calories! Meditate for a few minutes and do some breathing exercises when you stop working. instead of smoking a cigarette! These little things will help a lot to maintain your health and fitness.

When traveling, you can walk while waiting at the airport or train station. Try to climb the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator! Do breathing exercises while you wait or you can do some visualization.

To keep fit in the office, you can burn about 600 calories a day without even noticing.

Here are some ways to achieve this:

• Instead of sitting down, I chose to stop and talk on the phone. If it stops for 30 minutes, it will burn 58 calories.
• Avoid elevators and climb the stairs for 15 minutes. You will burn about 128 calories. If you take two steps at once, it will not only tone your lower body but also burn more calories.
• Similarly, climbing will strengthen your legs and burn 33 calories.
• If you use a computer, work with the keyboard and type for two hours, it will burn approximately 220 calories.
• Try to make 10 bombs and tend to burn 30 more calories.
• Get used to visiting your work colleague for work instead of calling on the phone, not only will it give you a personal touch, but you will also gain 77 calories.
• Once in a low state, clean up the mess on your table and burn 30 calories.
• Succeed for five minutes while lifting your heel while working at your desk, burn 24 calories and strengthen your calf muscles.

For health and fitness, in addition to the exercises, you have a way to stay, verify what you eat.

Try to eat high-protein foods because they will make you feel full and you are less likely to be filled with canteen food, which is not nutritious and has many calories. Try to drink as much water as possible.

You can also plan your weaknesses so that half of the casualties, you can only eat fruits and salads, rich in fiber and allowing you to control your caloric intake in many ways while providing enough nutrition, including your body needs to support you all day. Avoid sodas because they contribute significantly to unwanted calories because they contain cellulite, which is very harmful to health and fitness.

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